Every Neighbor Blessed

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We are a community passionate about demonstrating and declaring the Gospel in our neighborhoods.


The Neighborhoods Newsletter

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We have 3 strategic ways that we bring the peace, presence and power of Christ to our city.

Salem Alliance On Mission

These On Mission opportunities are events and ministries where SAC provides
leadership, volunteers and financial support.

Check Out Our Resource Brochure

There is a wide variety of resources around our community that are equipped to help in many different situations. We have a simple brochure that categorizes these organizations. Keep one in your car or on hand as you go about your day. You never know when it might come in handy!

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SAC Events

Trunk or Treat


Trunk or Treat is a neighborhood event where kids can collect candy, visit our petting zoo and more. Join us as we connect with our neighbors through smiles, costumes and conversation.

Tree of Giving


Tree of Giving comes alongside families in our neighborhood who are struggling during the holiday season. Join us as we stand in the gap with our neighbors.

Night to Shine


Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. Registration will open fall of 2024.

Sunrise Prayer


We set aside time to proclaim blessing as well as contend for the land, people, institutions and city of Salem.

SAC Ministries


Furniture Bank picks up gently used furniture and delivers items to neighbors in need.


Feed Salem demonstrates and declares the gospel through food distribution and prayer.


The Royal Order of Red Suspenders cut, stack, season and deliver firewood to neighbors in need.

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love the city 500

Mobilizing our SAC family to Bless Every School while continuing to partner directly with Grant, Highland, Parrish and North.

Love the City is committed to equipping and empowering the people of Salem Alliance church to bring the tangible peace, presence and power of Jesus to our neighbors.

Salem Alliance Co-Founded Ministries

These on mission opportunities are ministries in Salem that we co-founded and have elevated investment in.

Neighborhood Logos

Salem Free Clinics provides quality, compassionate care for the uninsured, bringing hope and health to our community.


 Salem for Refugees welcomes and empowers our new neighbors by bringing people and resources together.

Salem Alliance Partnerships

These On Mission opportunities are ministries in Salem that we partner with in regards to
financial support through the Benevolent Fund and encouraging individuals to volunteer.
Click on the logo to visit the organization's website.

Want to get involved in serving our neighbors, but not sure where to start?

Step 1: Fill out the Neighborhood Serve Form so that we know your interests, gifts, availability, etc.

Step 2: We will get in touch with you to talk about options that fit your specific gifts, passions and skills.

Step 3: Once we have found an option that you want to explore, we will send you the paperwork necessary to start serving in
the neighborhoods!

Is your Life Group looking for a one time opportunity to bless the city?

Click the link below to get started on your group serve opportunity.

Contact Us!


Hi, I am Ashley Dalen, Pastor of Neighborhoods. I am here for any questions or information you may need. Reach out and I'd be happy to connect with you.


I am Ann Tilgner, the Ministry Assistant for Nations & Neighborhood's. I'm available for any questions you might have. Feel free to email me!