Become A Partner

Why should I become a Partner?

Becoming a Partner communicates to the church family and to church leadership that you are invested in the growth and success of the local church. Participating partners have the opportunity to influence the key decisions and directions of the church. Partners can vote to affirm Elder Council and Governing Board candidates, as well as vote on property and financial matters.


Do I have to be a Partner?

No. You can still attend services, teach children’s classes, be an usher, etc. without being a partner. However, we encourage you to see partnership as a formal statement of commitment to the people and vision of this church family. Your partnership could even become a “defining moment” in your growth as a Christian.

How Do I Become a Partner?

The first step to becoming a Partner is attending Partner Night. We will have an opportunity for Partner Night after the first of the year. Check back then for more details. Reach out below if you have any questions.