You are invited to connect with other women!

In our day-to-day lives it can be so easy to get stuck in the immediate, seeing only what is right in front of us. In Women’s Ministry this year we bring an invitation to get beyond the immediate and into the place where the power, love and healing of Jesus meets the world’s great need. Beyond our own limitations, expectations, experience and fears and into the freedom and grace that flows from knowing Jesus and knowing ourselves loved by Him. When we know this love that is beyond understanding, we are able to love God, and love others, in the real and practical needs of our day-to-day lives.

The events and programs of Women’s Ministry at Salem Alliance represents a growing community. We hope that we are becoming a place for women to meet others, make strong connections, grow spiritually and have a great time in the process. We are pursuing a culture of authenticity and safety where women can share honestly and receive acceptance and encouragement for their journey.


Seasonal Events

Women's Retreat —  Every Fall in Cannon Beach
Our annual women's retreat in Cannon Beach is a wonderful weekend away to rest, build community, and be refreshed in the beauty of creation at the Oregon Coast! Each year the program for retreat varies, always seeking to provide worship, Bible-based teaching, as well as time to respond to the messages and the Holy Spirit through personal quiet time and corporate ministry time.

Women's Refresh —  Every Spring in Salem
Refresh is our spring weekend that offers various seminars from a variety of speakers including a brunch on Saturday morning. Held at Broadway Commons in Salem, it is a low-cost opportunity for high-quality teaching and connections with other women. 


Monthly Events

The Gathering Heatbeat 4 Missions


The Gathering — Meets First Wednesday/Thursday of Each Month, October–May
We are thrilled to be offering a venue for women to connect with God and with others. Sensing the need for regular intergenerational interaction and spiritual development, we will be gathering monthly October through May. Our series this year will help us examine areas of life where we tend to get stuck, and see beyond to the freedom that exists only in and through Jesus. Click here for more details.

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Heartbeat 4 Missions — Meets Third Tuesday of Each Month, October–May
Pack your lunch and come join other Alliance women joyfully cutting and trimming stamps and labels for our global missions projects! We meet the third Tuesday of every month from 9:30 am–1:00 pm in The Welcome Center. Click here for more details.


Join a Small Group

Hearts at Home Spiritually Alone Single Moms Moms of Hope

Single Moms
A group for women raising children without the support of a spouse.

Spiritually Alone Together
A group for married women who feel they are on their spiritual journey alone to come and grow together in Christ.

Professional Women
A leadership book study for women in the workplace.

Hearts at Home
Hearts at Home is a weekly gathering for women and their young children.

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Moms of Hope
One of the small groups in Hearts at Home that is designed for women whose children have special needs. 

Women's Summer Bible Study
An 8-week opportunity in May and June for women of all ages to come together and study God’s Word.


Click here for more information about small groups.


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