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"Deep Unity"
Ephesians 4:1-6

First Time Here

First Time Here?

Thanks so much for joining us this weekend. If you are attending our weekend services, please stop by the Welcome Center in the lobby to introduce yourself. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

If you are joining us online, we have a webpage for you to get to know more about us.

What's Happening

Weekend Service Changes

Though we are no longer asking you to reserve seats for weekend services, you will still need to pre-register your kids for OMNI.

Welcome Team

We would love for you to be part of the Welcome Team for a weekend service this summer. It's a great opportunity to serve on your own, with your family and friends or your house church. The sign-up is now open for services throughout the summer.

If your house church is interested in serving together, please email  You can also stop by the Welcome Center for more information!

Blood Drive

Join us on Wednesday, June 23 in Broadway Commons for a Blood Drive. Registration is required.

Salem Alliance App

Would you like to be able to register for events, find resources and check-in when you are watching livestream, all in one click? Download the Salem Alliance app now on your Apple or android device.

Help My City

There continues to be many ways for us to help our community and the Salem/Keizer area during the pandemic. Join us in making our city a city at peace with God.

DVD of Weekend Services

If you know someone who does not have access to our livestream services, we would love to send them a DVD of sermons and some of our mid-week updates. We can only make a small number of these, so please only give us the information of people who don't have access to the livestream.

House Churches

House churches give you a place to belong and contribute in a community, grow as Christ’s followers and, most of all, make and multiply disciples.

Service Opportunities

Furniture Bank Volunteers

There are families trying to restart their lives living in unfurnished homes. We have the ability to furnish their homes, but we are desperately in need of volunteers to assist us. If you or your house church would like to join our delivery team and help those in our community, please contact

Church @ the Park

In partnership with the City of Salem, Church @ the Park continues its outreach and care to our unsheltered and homeless community. They are coordinating a new shelter area at the former DMV location on Portland Road. For opportunities to donate or volunteer, please contact them at or 971-375-7491.

Royal Order of the Red Suspenders

Spring & summer is a great time to volunteer to stack & process wood for the next delivery season. If you would like to help on a Saturday morning, or get more information, please email

Weekly Videos
The Three Pauses
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Prayer Prompt

Every Monday, a new prayer prompt will help guide you as you take time to pause.

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New Audio Version

If you'd prefer an audio version, you can click the podcast platform of your choice.

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Get Caught Up

We started to listen closely to what God was saying to us in 2020.


Why Do We Give?

God has given us a unique purpose in Salem, Oregon. To be a city at peace with God. Your gift will help that become a reality. Our budget consists of a Ministry Fund (funding our vision to be a city at peace with God), a Great Commission Fund (sending out local and international missionaries) a Clear Campaign Fund (reducing debt of property loans) and a Benevolent Fund (used to help families in need in our church and community).

How Can I Give?

You can mail in your cash or checks. Our address is 555 Gaines Street NE, Salem, OR 97301, or you can give through the Salem Alliance app.

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