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"The Lion, The Lamb and a Sea of Glass"
Revelation 4–5

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Salem Alliance App

We are excited to announce that we are unveiling a new app. This app allows you to check-in while you are watching the livestream. Download it now on your Apple or android device.


Peacemaker Training

Conflict is inevitable, but hard to navigate. We are excited to offer a biblical view of conflict and peacemaking in a new format. Either in person, if permissible, or via zoom. Register for this five-week series beginning in February.


LifePath Winter Groups

New LifePath Recovery Groups begin the week of January 24 and run until the week of April 11. Gender-specific groups will meet on various weeknights from 6:30–7:45 pm on Zoom.

Missions Team Commissioning

Missions Meet-Ups

We have a couple of opportunities for you to be on a zoom call with one of our international workers this month.


Help My City

There continues to be many ways for us to help our community and the Salem/Keizer area during the pandemic and the holidays. Join us in making our city a city at peace with God.



If you know someone who does not have access to our livestream services, we would love to send them a DVD of sermons and some of our mid-week updates. We can only make a small number of these, so please only give us the information of people who don't have access to the livestream.

First Time Here

First Time Here?

Thanks so much for joining us this weekend. While we are bummed we don't get to meet face to face, we have a webpage for you to get to know more about us.

House Churches

What is a House Church?

A House Church is any small gathering of people where the aim is to seek God together. A House Church can either be the group of people that you have already been meeting with OR a group that you will gather from among your friends, neighbors, family, etc. It is a place that invites and welcomes newcomers, with eyes to see those who aren’t connected with spiritual community.

Service Opportunities

Painting for Salem For Refugees

Salem For Refugees are painting their welcome center on Thursday, January 28 and Saturday, January 30 and are in need of some volunteers. Please click here to register.

RORS Volunteers

We are looking for some more volunteers on Saturday mornings to cut and process wood this month and help with wood preparation and delivery. For more information, contact Melanie at

Event Support Team

If you are interested in helping with check-in and/or the sanitation processes so groups can meet in-person safely here at Salem Alliance, contact Teisha at

Weekly Videos

Midweek Update

The Three Pauses


Why Do We Give?

God has given us a unique purpose in Salem, Oregon. To be a city at peace with God. Your gift will help that become a reality. Our budget consists of a Ministry Fund (funding our vision to be a city at peace with God), a Great Commission Fund (sending out local and international missionaries) a Clear Campaign Fund (reducing debt of property loans) and a Benevolent Fund (used to help families in need in our church and community).

How Can I Give?

You can mail in your cash or checks. Our address is 555 Gaines Street NE, Salem, OR 97301, or you can text them in by texting "Give" to the number 503-447-3525.

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