Your leaders here at Salem Alliance Church sensed in 2020 that Jesus was leading us into posture of greater dependence. So, we called for a season of more intentionally seeking God's voice and presence. The listening continues into 2021 as we grow together in discernment.

We have called this season of prayer…


A weekly prayer guide will lead you through 3 sections…or pauses. Each pause includes space to read and meditate on scripture, pray a prayer, and then allow space for the Holy Spirit to lead your thoughts and words. The three pauses (sections) are titled...
Wait, Watch, and Repentance & Celebration

man in blue and white striped crew neck shirt reading book during daytime

Take Time to Pause

Set aside 10-15 minutes to read or listen to the prompt. Ask God for discernment and take notes on what you are hearing.

What are we hearing?