Discovering Your Gifts

Spiritual Gifts are given by Holy Spirit to build up the church and others. To explore and discover the gifts that God has given you, we recommend you follow this three-step process:
1 – Using the prompt below, ask Holy Spirit to reveal unique gifts that God has created you with.
2 – Take the Spiritual Gifts test.
3 – Share your results with close friends or relatives and ask for their input.


Using Your Gifts For Others

Whenever the Bible talks about gifting it is always in the context of unity. The truth is that your gifts are meant to be used for the benefit of others. Once you know your gifts, using the prompt below, ask Spirit to show you where and how to serve others. You can also contact Cary Wood to see how you can use your gifts in the church.

A Note about the Spiritual Gifts Test

“You may have noticed that we do not test for the spiritual gift of tongues or interpretation, as well as the spiritual gifts of healing and miracles. These four gifts are very difficult to test for in a conventional way. Merely asking a set of questions will probably not lead a person to discover these gifts (i.e. “Have you performed a miracle?”). It typically takes exercising and experiencing them and receiving confirmation through Holy Spirit and from other Christians to validate or confirm that a person has these gifts."

"The absence of these gifts from our tests is not an indication or affirmation that we believe they have ceased. The opposite is true. We believe that Holy Spirit distributes and empowers believers with all of the gifts as He wills (1 Corinthians 12:11)."

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