A House Church is a community of Christ followers on mission to make and multiply disciples.


Why meet in House Churches?

As disciples of Jesus we have been entrusted with the Great Commission to go and make disciples who make disciples (Matt 28). This commission isn’t just for the paid professionals, but the everyday individuals who have said “yes” to the call of following Christ.

In this cultural moment, we believe a House Church provides the best environment to equip, empower and release disciples to make and multiply disciples in the places God has planted them; to shift from a community of “Come and See” to “Go and Be,” from an audience to an army. Also, with increasingly fewer people being drawn to enter the front doors of a church building for a weekend service, a House Church provides a much needed side door entrance for people who wouldn’t set foot into a traditional church setting but would enter someone’s home.

This isn’t just about getting bigger and adding more numbers to our attendance; it is about multiplying the number of people entering the kingdom and experiencing the fullness of Jesus. Every disciple who makes a disciple and every new church that is planted is another significant step closer towards our vision of seeing Salem a city at peace with God.

What is a House Church?

A House Church is a community of Jesus followers on mission to make and multiply disciples.

What can a House Church look like?

When you look at the early church and the birth of the original house church movement, we see 5 practices that were central to the identity of these house churches:


Prayer & Worship





Each of these practices are present in our house churches but can take a variety of forms:

House Churches meet on most days of the week, morning, afternoon and evening, all over our city.

Many gather as a community in homes and share a meal together. Some may meet on campus, other public spaces or on Zoom.

Most will engage with discussion about the sermon, the Bible study guide or a combination of both.

All embrace a missional lifestyle that seeks to proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom in the ordinariness of life.

All apprentice disciple makers and future house church leaders for the purpose of multiplication and the continuation of the house church movement.

Who can lead a House Church?

Anyone who feels called to lead a community of Christ followers and disciple them in the mission of making and multiplying disciples.

We understand such a role can feel intimidating so know that we are here to equip you along the way.

Interested in leading a House Church?

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