The Art of Reading Scripture Seminar

  • Date April 6–27, 2022
  • Location 4th Floor of Broadway Commons, Asia Room
  • Cost Free

Reach Training Institute is pleased to invite you to attend our spring seminar, The Art of Reading Scripture, during the month of April. This four week seminar is designed to aid the laymen, prospective student and/or current minister looking to enhance their experience with God’s Word. Each week will offer a unique approach and strategy to the Scriptures as it relates to one’s end goal. Our purpose is to showcase the diverse but yet united approach to encountering the Scriptures. Every class session will be led by one or two of our faculty here at RTI. 

The four sessions will be divided as such, happening each night from 5:30 pm–7:00 pm: 

Week 1 – April 6: Exegetical – Scientific

Week 2 – April 13: Theological- Imaginative

Week 3 – April 20: Ecclesiastical – Practical

Week 4 – April 27: Liturgical – Spiritual

Please contact Sarah Thurston with any questions or for more information.