Creative Access Workers

Iris (C&MA - Asia)
Fourth Sunday every month at 12:30 pm in the Mongolia Room, 305.
Barnabas Leader: Ed and Christy Austin
Contact Phone: 503.585.5379

Phil and JJ (C&MA - Central Asia)
Meeting dates on Saturdays, which vary depending on the month.
Contact leader for next meeting date.

Barnabas Leader: Ryan and Sarah Sinks
Contact Phone: 503.362.6350

Paul and Marie (Team - Special Assignment)
First Sunday every month at 12:30 pm in the Africa Room, 303
Barnabas Leader: Dave Gillette
Contact Phone: 503.569.1772

US and International Workers

Rob and Tifani Bronson (Athletes In Action - Ohio)
Check bulletin for meeting announcements
Contact Phone: 503.581.2129, x211

Robin and Wendy Gutierrez (Global Outreach - Ecuador)
First Saturday every month at 4:00 pm in the Mexico Room, 304
Barnabas Leader: Kristy Ryan
Contact Phone:  360.798.3692

Mark and Jennifer Morris (World Outreach - Peru)
Second Sunday of every month at 12:30 pm in the Peru Room, 306
Barnabas Leader: Debbie Miller
Contact Phone: 503.551-5849

Don Sappington (Remember Nhu)
Intermittent dates scheduled call for information
Barnabas Leader:  Clarence Wiseman
Contact Phone: 503.581.4707

Paul and Lori Vernon (Foursquare - Thailand)
Intermittent dates scheduled with GPS Community Group
For more information, contact: Jan Crouch
Contact Phone: 503.364.9319

Debbie Vik (C&MA - Thailand)
First Sunday of every month at 12:15 pm in the Mexico Room, 304
For more information, contact: Kari Lovely
Contact Phone: 503.930.3706