The Royal Order Of Red Suspenders 

A ministry that provides cut, seasoned and split firewood delivered for free to those in need. RORS also accepts donations of wood from the community.  


Volunteer with RORS
RORS workdays typically go from 8:00 am–12:00 pm on Saturdays. Work includes cutting, splitting and stacking wood as well as delivery drivers from October 1–April 1. 

To get started, please email Melanie at

Donate Wood to RORS
RORS is unable to accept wood donations at this time
. Occasionally, the amount of wood donated exceeds our volunteer force's time and capability to process it all for firewood. We do appreciate you thinking of RORS for your wood donations, and we are sorry that we cannot accept your donation at this time. However, here are two alternatives for your wood donations:

  1. Marion County's Youth Firewood Program: 
    or call David at the wood line (503) 588-5627. This organization accepts donations of firewood & rounds, and sells firewood they have prepared to help fund the juvenile programs they run. They also do some lumber work as well. Be prepared to leave a detailed message about your donation.  
  2. St. Paul's Woodcutters organization: This ministry gives firewood to those in need.  (503) 362-3661

Purchase Firewood 
As of 9/1/18, we no longer have have excess firewood to sell. 
Our excess wood is usually available for sale for just a month or two in the summer. We do appreciate this support of the RORS ministry, but our primary mission is to provide wood to those in need, beginning on October 1, so we must make sure to save wood stores for those needs. Thank you.  

Need Firewood? Click here


For any questions regarding RORS volunteering, please contact Melanie Pfaff at or 503-581-2129, x291.