The Royal Order Of Red Suspenders (RORS) 
A ministry of Salem Alliance Church that provides seasoned, cut, split firewood delivered for free to those in need. RORS accepts donations of wood from the community.  When excess wood stores allow, RORS sells firewood with the proceeds going to fund the ministry.


  • Need Firewood: As of April 1, 2017, RORS is closed for the season and no longer accepting requests for wood.  In the off season, we will not be responding to requests until after October 1st.  RORS wood line re-opens to wood requests on October 1, 2017.  

  • Donate Wood to RORS:   As of 5/31/17, RORS is unable to accept donations of wood.  While we usually accept donations of fir, maple, and oak, we have had an abundance of donations and have more work than we can handle getting it all processed for firewood.  Please don't use the donate button below.  Check back in a month and we hope to be accepting donations of wood again by that time.  Thank you!  


  • Purchase Firewood:  As of 12/29/16, We are currently not selling firewood, saving our stores of dry, seasoned wood for those in need.  When we have an excess of dry, seasoned wood again we will change this message.  Until then, please know that we will not respond to requests sent through the purchase button below. 


If you have questions about RORS firewood ministry not answered by the information above, please contact Melanie Pfaff or 503-581-2129 X291.