It's the most amazing adventure you'll ever be on. It's the largest return of any investment you'll ever make. It's the greatest and most powerful invitation that we'll ever receive. It has the potential to become the most fruit-bearing, joy-producing, and peace-bringing activity that you'll ever know. Here is a great reminder about prayer: Prayer is failure proof because it is God who makes it work. It was His idea from the start! He does not expect us to perform (in our prayers), only participate. (Dr. Terry Teykl)

Our Father invites us, as His children, to enter into a wonderful and intimate relationship with Him through prayer. Perhaps the best part is that God actually longs for us to come to Him and pour out our hearts to Him, just like we would to a best friend. We don't have to be eloquent or "spiritual" in our prayers, because prayer isn't about us; prayer is about entering into a relationship and journey with God and about connecting our hearts with His.

We invite you to enter into prayer with us here at Salem Alliance Church. Check out the links to the left for ways to get involved.

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