Books and Other Materials for Sale
Our Used Books and Other Materials for Sale area is located in the 2nd room in from the library's 5th Street entrance. We have a continual supply of used books and other materials for sale.
     Paperbacks - $1.00 each
     Hardbacks - $2.00 each
     DVDs - $1.00 each

Donation Policy for Books and Other Materials
Contact Linda Byeman to inquire whether Library Ministries can use your donation. The library has very limited space to store materials. Please DO NOT just drop off books or other materials at the library or the church office without first contacting Linda.

Please read the following before selecting items for donation:
     We ARE accepting donations of good used and new books, audio books and DVDs
          suitable for the SAC library.
     We are NOT accepting VHS tapes or music CDs.
     All donated items become the property of SAC Library Ministries and will be either
          added to the collection, placed on our "For Sale" shelves, or donated to other

All book donations need to
    Be in good to excellent condition;
    Have sturdy covers;
    Be free of underlining or writing;
    Be free of water damage or mildew odor.
We have limited space for commentary series. Please give Linda the series name, author(s) and year of publication before dropping off.
We do not accept textbooks, unless they are theological in nature.
We do not accept secular publications.
Other items for donation:
DVDs and audio CD discs and cases must be in excellent condition.
DVD and audio books on CD themes must reflect good character and morals.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS contact Linda Byeman at 503.364.8974 or