Introducing Livestream at Salem Alliance Church! It is our hope that by providing livestreaming, those who are sick, traveling, serving in the mission field, or otherwise unavailable to attend a service will be able to worship with us and engage in the message.


What is Livestream?

Livestream is the term used when you broadcast a live event via the internet, different than broadcasting to a television station, but similar.


How does the livestream work?

We have developed a workflow with our worship department that allows us to take all of the critical elements of a live event - multiple cameras, multiple sources of music and other audio, videos and visual media - and combine them all into a single source that we then send to our content broadcast provider, then takes our video content and sends it out on demand to viewers in near real time.


What time does the livestream happen?

Currently, Salem Alliance Church is committed to livestreaming the 9:30 am service every Sunday, and the occasional special event, which we will advertise ahead of time.


What if I missed the livestream?

If you have missed the livestream while it was happening, you can access the archived version of the event around 24 hours later, sometimes earlier depending on how fast provides us with an archive of the media. We currently have a small archive of the last few months of services, as well as our Annual Meeting and Christmas Eve Live event for you to enjoy.


How do I access the livestream?

There are several ways to access the livestream. One is to go to with your computer's internet browser. There, you can access the archived services and events that we have already completed, or if you're accessing it during an actual live event, you will be presented with a livestream of the current event, and you can even participate in the event using the chat window provided. The other way to access the livestream is via your browser on your supported mobile device or tablet, or by downloading the app.


Do I need to sign up for a free account?

You do not need to sign up for a free account in order to access the livestream, however you do need an account to use the chat window. Signing up for an account also has the added benefit of sending you email notifications whenever a new event is added or when an event is about to start.


Do I need to use the app to watch on my mobile device or tablet?

You do not need to install the free app in order to access the livestream, you just need to use the device's browser to visit You do need to sign up for a free account to use the app. However, using the app does give you the advantage of receiving push notifications to your device whenever a new event is added or when an event is about to start.

One other special advantage of using the app is that, combined with your home WiFi, HDTV, and Google's Chromecast device or Roku Media Player you can "throw" the livestream from your mobile device onto your HDTV, so that your whole family or community group can enjoy the service.


That's it! We hope you take full advantage of the livestream service we have provided and share it with others. If you have any questions, please contact us!