What are Community Groups?
They are mid-sized groups - fellowships of between 25 - 60 adults, formed for mutual encouragement, caring, teaching, friendship, and service. They are a place where the large church provides a "small church" experience. This is where many find their church family.

Which Group Should I Join?
Every group has its own distinct character. Some are organized around stages of life/ages, and some are inter-generational. With 20 groups, we can offer a satisfying solution to everyone's desire for a place to belong and make meaningful connections with others in the Body of Christ.

When Do They Meet?
The majority of the Community Groups meet during regular worship hours Saturday - 5:00 pm Sunday - 9:30 and 11:00 am. 

FOR ANY QUESTIONS or guidance in choosing a group contact 
Travis Ratzlaff at tratzlaff@salemalliance.org