For over 20 years, Salem Alliance has offered small group Bible studies. These in-depth studies are coordinated with the sermon series and run annually from October through April. 


The book of Acts is a history book. If that sentence makes you cringe because history bores you, take heart! This is a dramatic history book, and it’s filled with jaw-dropping experiences that happened 2,000 years ago. Its opening words include dumbfounding statements about Jesus’ resurrection appearances, His final teaching and then His ascension into heaven right before His followers’ eyes. Imagine watching that happen! And that is just the beginning of what this book recounts. Acts goes on to document the spectacular and dramatic coming of Holy Spirit on Jesus’ followers. After that miraculous, life-altering event, they proceeded to do things they’d never imagined. They preached; they healed; they traveled where they’d never been before; they started churches. They literally started a spiritual revolution!

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