Community Groups on Sundays @ 11:00 AM


Benediction - at Broadway Commons in Keizer, 205
Demographic:  20-30, married and single
Focus:  Life together, studying the word
Leadership:  Cory Folkert
Contact:  503.409.3221 or


Celebration - in the Courtyard Room
Demographic: 60-80, married and single
Focus: Finishing well
Mission: Feed Salem
Leadership: Terry and Linda Horton
Contact: 425.478.7337 or 


CORE - at Broadway Commons in Peru, 306
Demographic: 40-50, married and single
Focus: Community, outreach, relationship, education
Leadership: Jim and Kristin Sparkman
Contact: 503.910.6305 or


Intertwined - at Broadway Commons in Russia, 307
Demographic: Young Marrieds
Focus: Living Intertwined with God, our spouses and each other.
Leadership: Tim & Tanya Hauck


Legacy - at Broadway Commons in Africa, 303
Demographic: 50-70, married and single
Focus: Learn, pray and serve together
Leadership: John & Kaye Pattison


Single LIFE - at Broadway Commons in Mongolia, 305
Demographic: 50s, 60s and more, single
Focus: Biblical teaching and relationships
Mission: Simonka Place, Salem Free Clinics
Leadership: Jerry Wilkinson & Sue Ballard
Contact: Jerry at or 503.363.2946 or contact 
Sue at 


Synergy - at Broadway Commons in Grant, 206
Demographic: 30-45 married
Focus: Interactive and discussion-based teaching, reaching others for Christ
Leadership: Derek & Lindsay Imig
Contact: 503.302.8444 or  


Woven - at Broadway Commons in Mexico, 304
Demographic: 20-40, married
Focus: Life Together in Community
Leadership: Andrew & Morgan Tyler
Contact: 503-586-3995 or