For over 30 years, Salem Alliance has offered small group Bible studies. These in-depth studies are coordinated with the sermon series and run annually from October through April. 

Traditionally, the Way of the Cross is called the Stations of the Cross. It is an old Christian tradition of remembering and entering into Christ’s journey to His crucifixion. Historically this was done through a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to visit seven sacred places where Jesus was tried and then walked on His way to the cross. It then became a wider tradition using 14 pictures (art, sculptures, shrines, etc.) of biblical—and non-biblical—events that Jesus was a part of as His time on earth came to an end. Over the years it has morphed and changed and different churches practice it in different ways. There can be any number of “stations,” but the most common tradition is 14, with the resurrection being a less common 15th station. Only eight of those 14 stations have basis in Scripture. However, at its heart, the Way of the Cross is not about the number of stations but about entering into Jesus’ final days on earth. We invite you to enter into Jesus’ life as He headed to the cross. In each week of this six week study you will experience different events at the end of Jesus’ earthly life. We hope this journey will draw you closer than ever to your Savior.


You can find the list of available groups below. If you cannot find a group, it is because the group is already full.

Mixed Groups

Day Time Age Location Leader
Mondays 6:30 PM 20’s-80’s Silverton Buckley
Thursdays 5:45 PM 50’s-80’s East Salem Anderson
Thursdays 7:00 PM 50’s+ Dallas Harmensen

Couples Groups

Day Time Age Location Leader
 Thursdays  6:30 PM  20's-30's  Salem  Ebersole
Thursdays 6:30 PM 20's-30's Church Morrow


Women's Groups

Day Time Age Location Leader
Mondays 6:30 PM 40's+ Church Knospe
Tuesdays  9:00 AM 40's+ Church Howard
Tuesdays 6:30 PM 40's-60's Church Cummings
Wednesdays 6:00 PM 30's-60's Church Rosier


Men's Groups

Day Time Age Location Leader
Tuesdays 6:00 AM All ages Church Schilling
Tuesdays  6:30 AM 50’s-80’s Church Peseau
Wednesdays 7:00 PM 50’s-80’s Salem Horton
Wednesdays 7:00 PM 50’s-70’s Church Ohlsen

Specialized Women's Groups

*Spiritually Alone Together   Wednesdays 6:30pm  Church                   
A group for married women, who feel they are on their spiritual
journey alone, to come and grow together in Christ.

*Indicates that our Children’s program is available.Separate registration is required. Limited space available.

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