Church Family Prayer Requests

Nov. 7, 2018

Pray for Gene Enfield who’s back in the hospital, losing blood and they don’t know where from.

Pray for Mike and Judy McCoy’s grandson Preston, he’s got a tumor in his brain and they’re not sure whether it’s cancerous or not.

Pray for Terry Saenz who’s been having some medical problems and will be having some tests done, pray they come out ok.

Joan Kuhns had a massive stroke and is hospitalized at OHSU. Pray for healing and wisdom

Lene McKenzie is asking for prayer for Peter, who lives in Bend, and has made several suicide attempts.

Pray for Chris Patterson as she recovers from knee replacement surgery.

Pray for Deborah Shiel who has been placed on Hospice.

Rosanna Danielian asks for prayer for her father, Robert who had bypass surgery and is having complications.

Pray for Chris Peterson as she recovers from knee replacement surgery.

Shelley Cioffi asks for prayer for her son, Abraham Adamour, he’s battling addiction and demonic presence. She asks for him to be delivered.

Vivian asks for prayer. She is pregnant with twins plus three other children. Her living circumstance is very dangerous. She asks for wisdom, guidance and protection.

Naomi Harper would like prayer for her friend Alex who was diagnosed with Bells Palsey.

Pray for Monte Sears as she is having surgery for ovarian cancer.

Pray for Michelle Baker as she recovers from a stroke.

Pray for Lisa who is under spiritual attack and needs encouragement.

Kathy Thompson asks for prayer for her granddaughter Everly Rose, she’s having breathing issues.

Pray for Daniel Garlinger, he is the son of Nick and Susan Garlinger he’s had seizures, continue to pray for no more seizures/neurology decisions/treatment plan

Pray for the following individuals who have ongoing health issues: A.J. Pilant, (Alzheimers), Irene McCorkle (Parkinson’s), Marla Schaap, Tasha Swift (seizures), Henry Swift (seizures), Dee Bubna (fibromyalgia); Donn Bergen

Pray for the following individuals who have cancer: Isaac Martin; Deborah Shiel; Jan Hoffman, George Welch; Lindsey Yoder, Carla Christiansen; Michelle Spaulding ,Mike O’Connor, Asher Arana; Brayden Sparkman, Melissa Garner, Debby Burnham, Debbie Irmen, Irene Ragan, Gary Crouch

Pray for the salvation of family members and friends of those in our church.

Pray for church family members who are in difficult marriages, that God will bring healing and restoration.

Pray for church family members who are home bound.

Continue to remember those who are serving in the Armed Forces.

Pray that God will provide for the various needs around the church:
Volunteers needed in various ministries
Finances (Ministry fund)
Grants to fund Salem Free Clinics