GLO—"Love God, Love Others"—is the special needs ministry of Salem Alliance.  We believe all children and families should have the opportunity to come to church to worship, learn, fellowship, and serve in community. 


Buddy Program
With the help of buddies, many children with special needs are able to attend our regular children’s classes. Buddies are youth and adult volunteers who stay by the child’s side and assist with activities.

Glo Room
The GLO room is our special needs classroom which offers a visual schedule that includes worship time, Bible lessons, crafts and free-choice play. This classroom is ideal for children who benefit from individual attention, smaller classroom sizes and calming places to retreat.



Next Steps
• Contact Jessica Brister, our Special Needs Coordinator, for an initial meeting and to establish the classroom care plan. The classroom care plan addresses the unique needs of the child and helps create the best plan to incorporate the child at Salem Alliance Church.

• Once the classroom care plan is established and a buddy is matched, the parent will stay with the child for their first service time to observe the environment and to help train the buddy on how to best care for the child.

• The ultimate goal is for the parent to attend service while the child stays with their buddy in the program.

To volunteer, email Jessica at


Jessica Brister
Special Needs Coordinator
503.581.2129, x517