Our Mission Statement
Our mission in C2 is 2C Him on the move! Our desire is for kids to come and be inspired to live and love like Jesus and to know and be a part of the Big GOD Story. 

Because we partner with parents to help their family know, love, and serve Jesus, we publish this AtHome Weekly resource to help your family connect during the week with all your child is learning in C2.

Weekend Classes
C2 stands for Church & Community and inside C2 kids get to experience both!
5:00 pm (Saturdays) OR 9:30 or 11:00 am (Sundays). Looking at the Worship Center, C2 is located to the left of the Worship Center, through the double doors and to the right. 

The hour includes a fun, relevant children’s church service inside Club and an inviting community connect time inside Cove led by Cove Coaches. At every service we provide times of worship, allowing kids to encounter God’s presence as they sing, share through testimony, reflect and pray. The Host Pastor guides the service engaging kids in a meaningful, age-appropriate study of God’s Word. Through creative, relational activities, we challenge kids to live out the truths shared in the lesson, while experiencing community in God’s family. Kids leave with resources their families, the primary faith trainers, can use to reinforce the Bible lessons.




Special Needs
Do you think your child may need additional support in the classroom (physical, emotional, social, etc.)? If so, please fill out a 'Classroom Care Plan' and/or contact Jessica Brister at jbrister@salemalliance.org

FOR ANY QUESTIONS Contact Angy Thomas at athomas@salemalliance.org