RENEW 2019

Friday, March 15 from 6:00–9:00 pm
and Saturday, March 16 from 8:30 am–2:00pm
at Broadway Commons.

Due to low registrations numbers we have made the difficult decision to cancel RENEW for this year. If you have already registered, you will be reimbursed. May God bless you richly as you live a renewed life day by day. 

Friday night Speakers:

Ron Friesen and Laura Sharer — Healthy Sexuality in a Broken World
Whether married, single, raising a family, or just plain curious... it's important to be able to discuss healthy sexuality within the church. Sex is God's idea, so why not go to God with our questions, concerns, struggles and joys? This session will focus on why God is trustworthy with every aspect of our lives, including our sexual beliefs, behaviors, conversations, and relationships. We will address some of the false messages we hear, not only from our culture, but also from the church, as we recover a healthier view of this important gift to men and women.

Valonda Leichty — The Struggle is Real
Ever been stuck in a cycle of behavior that you don’t understand? Have you caught yourself wondering, “Why do I do that?” Together we will take a look at what God has to say about the struggles we find ourselves in. We will come away with some practical tools to help us dig deeper to uncover the root of these struggles. The God who sees us, knows us, and loves us offers hope when the pressure is on.

Travis Ratzlaff — How to have crucial conversations
How do we manage to glorify God when the conversation gets heated, the relationship is in question or the outcome is in doubt.

Gordon Bergman – The Sandwich Generation
Sandwiched between my parents and my kids: How does a person care for two opposite generations while still practicing healthy self care. How do we spread our time well?

Jennifer Roth - True Community
We were created for relationship with others. True, meaningful and authentic community creates a place for friendship that crosses all demographic divides. How can we build relational bridges between generations, cultural backgrounds, married couples and single adults?

Saturday Speakers:

Melissa Garner – Visual Note taking
Tired of taking notes that you never remember? Not even sure if notes are even worth taking? We've all heard that pictures are worth 1000 words. Use visual notataking to help you remember and connect more fully to what you hear. This session is highly interactive.

Ron Friesen – Finding peace in a world of pain
Begin to uncover the illusions that make life’s pain, loss and disappointment so difficult to process and learn to embrace the perspective of the One who has promised his caring presence in it all.

Laura Scharer — How do I pray when...
Life is messy? I have doubt? I'm angry? I'm stuck? I don't know if prayer does anything? I don't know what to say?

Cory Folkert - Technology and Wisdom

Marshall McLuhan once wrote, "We shape our tools, and thereafter they shape us." This seminar will explore the ways in which technology and social media shape us and how we can use these tools wisely.

Quent Thomas — Anxiety and the Brain
It affects nearly every family. Anti-Anxiety drug sales are at an all-time high. Long-term anxiety creates significant health risks. But God didn’t intend for us to live under its control. This session explores the source of anxiety and how God designed our brain overcome its impact on our life.

Fred Allen — Mind Your Heart
The mind is the gatekeeper of the heart and soul. Jesus tells us that we are to love the Lord will all our minds, and Paul writes that the renewal of our minds is the key to spiritual transformation. In this seminar we will learn how God works to align our minds with his and how we can participate in this process.

Page Jossi - Dying Well: A panel discussion on death and dying.
A panel discussion with medical and hospice providers to explore making end of life decisions, facing death and grief with the hope that God provides.

Rich and Stacy Holsapple - Thriving in your Blended Family
Stepfamily life has many unique blessings and challenges. Join us as we identify common struggles and discuss ways to strengthen your marriage and develop a healthy stepfamily.